Staff Applying for Credentials

If you are a staff that wants to apply for credentials and/or privileges please read the information below and then click on the link to the "MCCMH Credential and Privilege Application".

After completing the application you will be directed to a page that has a link to save a PDF version of your credential and privileging application, please download this PDF copy for your own records.

The page you're redirected to after finishing your initial application also contains the form you will use to upload any documents associated with your application. If you don't have all of the documents available make sure you bookmark/favorite/save a link to that page for later because it is the only way you will be able to upload documents.

When reapplying for credentials and privileges much of the information will be populated for you from our records, the more thoroughly you fill out your application the easier it is going to be to renew your credentials later on.

Please click here to confirm that you have read the information above and are ready to fill out your application.

Supervisors Reviewing Applications

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